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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of venerate.


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  • Every religion represented in contemporary America venerates some version of the Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    American Grace

  • At that time, the gods Anu and Enlil, for the enhancement of the well-being of the people, named me by my name Hammurabi, the pious prince, who venerates the gods, to make justice prevail in the land, to abolish the wicked and the evil, to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak, to rise like the sun-god Shamash himself associated with dispensing justice over all humankind to illuminate the land.3

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • China is a culture that venerates its own history, and it probably resonates better with them.

    Weekly Mishmash: March 28-April 3 :

  • Mr. Obama's father was a Luo from Kenya, an ethnic group, like many groups in East and West Africa, which venerates the wisdom of elders.

    Paul Stoller: Imagining President Obama's Council of Elders

  • I see his sensibility as basically that of an earlier age: he is a chivalric knight devoted to his lady; this devotion is like that of a medieval Christian who lives in the world yet profoundly venerates the Virgin Mary.

    Sena Jeter Naslund - An interview with author

  • Rightly, therefore, the Church venerates him as an "eminent teacher of the monastic life" and "doctor of spiritual wisdom in the love of prayer and work; shining guide of people in the light of the Gospel" who, "raised to heaven by a luminous road" teaches people of all ages to seek God and the eternal riches prepared by him (cf. Preface of the Holy in the monastery to the MR, 1980, 153).

    More from Montecassino

  • Initially, the tribe venerates the spastic being and rewards him with worship and very intense adoration.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • The op-ad points out that the annual military spending of the Japanese government amounts to USD $50 billion, that the Japanese government has been attempting to remove the “Peace” clause (Article 9) of its Constitution, that it has whitewashed its invasion history concealing the truth from the younger generation, and that the Prime Minister and Diet members has routinely visited the Yasukuni Shrine, which venerates 14 Class-A war criminals.

    The Story of the Taiwan POW's

  • Although no one can say for certain whether the gnarled old tree is the very one cited in the New Testament -- the local Greek Orthodox church venerates the remnant of another ancient tree, for example -- experts who have examined it say it may very well date back to the time of Jesus.

    Zacchaeus' Tree Now A Top Tourist Destination

  • In short, I like the definition of femininity as a mindset that venerates both the individual and the community.

    Marcia Reynolds: What Is Femininity?


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