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  • n. A writ issued by a judge to a sheriff directing the summons of prospective jurors. Also called venire facias.
  • n. The panel of prospective jurors from which a jury is selected.

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  • n. A venire facias.

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  • n. (law) a group of people summoned for jury service (from whom a jury will be chosen)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Short for Middle English venire facias, from Medieval Latin venīre (faciās), (you should cause) to come, a phrase used in the writ, from Latin.


  • A jury venire is not a fair cross-section if the selection system is calibrated to underrepresent a "distinctive group" in the community.


  • The venire is the pool of people from whom members of juries are called, each of whom is called a venireperson.

    Define That Term #13

  • It has been settled law for decades that the Sixth Amendment requires a jury pool or "venire" to reflect a fair cross-section of the community.


  • That being said, I can see how it might be HIGHLY ALARMING for a woman to receive an email from a court official stating that while she thought was performing her civic duty, little did she know that another, more dastardly kind of "venire" was going on (elbow-elbow-wink-wink).

    Above the Law

  • I was part of the venire for a truly horrible case of child molestation, and while prepared to do it, I was very relieved not to be chosen as it sounded as if the evidence would be very graphic and upsetting. Jury Duty Today

  • Three weeks earlier, the supreme court trial courtroom known as Part 39 on the eleventh floor of the Criminal Courts Building had contained a pool of seventy-five prospective jurors, when Judge David Marvin Mason began the proceedings by asking Karp to give the venire, or jury pool, a brief description of the case and the main players in the real-life drama about to be played out in front of them.


  • After Whitman obtained her excuse from having to serve as a juror, fortunately -- for the people of the state who want to see state laws protecting children from child molesters enforced in courtrooms that require jurors for their function -- there were still some "little people" left in the venire from which a jury could be empanelled.

    David Coleman: Is Meg Whitman California's Version of Leona Helmsley?

  • Just to be pedantic, inventus is the perfect passive participle of invenire, ‘to come upon, find, discover’, compounded from in (‘in, on’) and venire (‘to come’).

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Thesaurus Inventus:

  • P.S. Vi fosse qualcosa di cui dovrei venire urgentemente a conoscenza, postatelo nei commenti a questo post.

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  • Senno'...beh, ci sono molte visite di amici nei mesi a venire, e un mio blitz inglese a marzo...

    The return of the emigrant, Part I: The Good


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