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  • adv. In a manner that is bold and willing to take risks; adventurously.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a venturesome or bold or daring manner.


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venturesome +‎ -ly


  • Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "daring" as "venturesomely bold in action or thought."

    Robert Davey: McCain's "Daring" Actions

  • That unfortunate animal when he is uncarted at the spot where the meet takes place, generally makes a point, I am told, of making away at a cool trot, venturesomely followed by the whole field, to the yard where he lives, and there subsides into a quiet and inoffensive existence, until he is again brought out to be again followed by exactly the same field, under exactly the same circumstances, next Easter Monday.

    Speeches: Literary and Social

  • The critical judgments are venturesomely banal ( "In countless variations, both fictional and dramatic, he studies illusions destined sooner or later to be shattered against the trivialities of everyday life"), and the psychological probings, full of self-congratulatory assumptions about Chekhov's motivations, unconsciously resemble, at times, Nabokov's parody of the "scholar" who writes the bogus preface to Lolita.

    Short Reviews

  • One particular pleasure was to lie beside a hedge, or deep in meadow-grasses, or under a tree, as circumstances and the mood concurred, and there to give himself up so absolutely to the life of the moment that even the shy birds would alight close by, and sometimes venturesomely poise themselves on suspicious wings for a brief space upon his recumbent body.

    Life of Robert Browning

  • But the people who had the best of the entertainment were the boys and girls who wandered through the thickets and down the brooks, pushed their way into the tangled copses and crept venturesomely across the swamps, to look for the flowers.

    Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things

  • Not removing their clothing, they venturesomely pulled off their shoes, and thereafter, in some fashion, managed to squeeze together into the same berth.

    The Law of the Land

  • 'If you like,' she venturesomely answered at last.

    A Laodicean : a Story of To-day

  • Having two such men to lead and with a force so strong behind them the valley people were able to cope with the more dangerous animals venturesomely, and soon the number of these was so decreased that even the children might venture a little way beyond the steep barriers which had been raised where the flame circle had its gaps.

    The Story of Ab A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man

  • His Scripture-exegesis is always pregnant with thought, though often venturesomely interpreting and allegorizing, especially in the Old

    Christian Ethics. Volume I.���History of Ethics.

  • Our outlook was preternaturally black, with enormous increase of dangers when the originator of our species venturesomely arose from the posture of the

    Miscellaneous Prose


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