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  • adv. In a verbose manner; in a fashion employing more lengthy phrasing, utilizing extraneous words, making use of superfluous verbiage, applying more grandiose verbal construction, etc., than is strictly required, necessary, or desirable, in order to convey the essential nature of the communication.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a verbose manner; wordily; prolixly.

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  • adv. in a verbose manner


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From verbose + -ly.


  • Options. parse (args) verbose = options. getopt (: verbose) if verbose puts 'verbosely' else puts

    RubyForge Gems

  • But Dan Fogelman's script takes an abrupt turn to a trendy club where a younger and supremely self-assured womanizer named Jacob Ryan Gosling takes pity on the verbosely morose Cal, enlists him as his wingman, sets out to make him over into a stud and instructs him in the not-so-niceties of the dating game.

    Smart, Patchy, Sweet 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

  • You talk verbosely in antiquated terminology of your love of liberty, and all the while you wear the scarlet livery of the Iron Heel. '

    Chapter 17: The Scarlet Livery

  • In the rather verbosely titled game The Amazing Adventures of Mr.F. Lea, you take on the humble role of the titular flea.

    MAMEmania: The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea »

  • His nominee for the Supreme Court (verbosely) refused to answer a question on the constitutionality of signing statements.

    Not What Obama Promised

  • And your final statement re teaching - rewrite it more verbosely and you have it.

    Help with annual review

  • I feel that some people on Twitter never leave their keyboards because they would never survive the barrage of nudges they send over SMS when twittering as verbosely as they do.

    How NOT to use Twitter

  • The language is robust, but then, I think, scientists talking to scientists in what they thought was a private conversation, you know, we do speak verbosely, we do express opinions about all sorts of things.

    CNN Transcript Dec 7, 2009

  • Sorry if that came across verbosely, off-topically, or unclearly.

    Why are translators so pedantic? « Musings from an overworked translator

  • It was fun to take on the schoolmarmy tone, or the moralistic tone of a pastor, or the verbosely authoritative tone of domestic law, or to pick through the effluvia of the Internet, and the process gave me insight into how our society viewed--and still views--its female members.

    Archive 2008-01-01


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