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  • Literally, drawing to a close; specifically [capitalized], in geology, naming one of the divisions of the Paleozoic strata of Pennsylvania, according to the nomenclature of H. D. Rogers.


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  • Wet scents of turf and black-smoothed tar float down the roof-trees’ vergent lines.

    A City Afternoon

  • Some researchers think WIP and raw materials require different lot sizing methods to deal with di - vergent internal and external environments experienced by process - oriented fi rms.

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  • Con - vergence in medicine, there are not only major vergent thinking is also seen in a worldwide effort differences in the incidence and prevalence of to control healthcare expenditure.

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  • We do not meaa in thofe feries whofe law of continuation continues the fame, while tfaey diverge to a certain number of terms and afterwards converge, thcfe being manifcft enough; but thofe where the di -, vergent one is followed by a convergent infinite fcries, differing wholly from the former in the law. of continuation, but always invefligable from it*

    The Monthly Review


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