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  • n. The use of versions as a means of distinguishing similar items.


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version +‎ -ing


  • SyncBack, but their SE/Pro versioning is horrible. rsync is very powerful and can easily be made to handle versioning to whatever depth you like.

    NasBackup Makes Incremental Backups Easy | Lifehacker Australia

  • The GAE deployment and versioning is easy and fun.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • After all, versioning is really just a marketing strategy that enables software companies to leach more money out of your poor, beleaguered customer bases.

    Web 2.0 a load of poo « Squash

  • One way to guard against that is for a service to offer "versioning" -- the practice of maintaining multiple past copies of a file.

    Downloading Pictures Wirelessly

  • In other words - it's versioning, which is known to provide a piece of mind!


  • No one can override a service (besides versioning, which is explicit to the developer) and a service will only return what it did earlier in your code and earlier in the year.

    MSDN Blogs

  • ETags for versioning, which is just a more elegant way of doing something GData already does, but which finally lets clients override the "optimistic concurrency" versioning system altogether and tell servers "update (or delete) this resource no matter what version exists on the server".

    Enterprise Irregulars

  • The idea is based on Hal Varian's concept of "versioning" for digital goods.

    Strange Attractor » 2010 » January

  • So, if we need to get better "versioning" support for a "constant" value, we should resort to static read-only fields.


  • K4 features such as versioning, variants, explicit multi-channel workflows and multiple placement of objects ensure that content can be easily authored and reused for any channel, she says

    Macsimum News


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