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  • n. Plural form of vertebra.; the bones that make up the spinal column.


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  • A clefting abnormality in vertebrae (small bones that make up the spine) that gives them a "flying butterfly" appearance on X-rays.

    Alagille Syndrome Glossary

  • Perhaps the most remarkable thing about sauropod vertebrae is how pneumatic they were – the lateral fossae, and the interior of the vertebrae, were occupied, in life, by air sacs.

    ‘Angloposeidon’, the unreported story, part II

  • Found out I have a straight neck, my 1st vertebrae is out of alignment and a have some entraped nerves.


  • Figure 7.1 Spinal Trap Your vertebrae are a lot like a squishy jelly doughnuts; in between the vertebrae are discs, which, if they come out of alignment, can lead to intense back pain.

    You Being Beautiful

  • Think of your spine as a column of doughnuts separated by nice wedges of Havarti cheese: The vertebrae are the doughnut portion, and inside the holes travels the spinal cord;

    You Being Beautiful

  • The Mexican golden trout typically has between 56 and 58 vertebrae, which is six to eight fewer than the number found in the Río del Presidio trout.

    Trout and Salmon of North America

  • Spine Backbone; spinal column; the chain of bones, called vertebrae, that runs down the back.

    Chapter 9

  • Separating each of the vertebrae is a small cushion called a ‘disk’.

    1) Head Control and Use of Senses

  • Its chief and central part, the cartilaginous or bony vertebral column, affords an obvious instance of vertebrate metamerism; it consists of a series of cartilaginous or bony pieces, which have long been known as vertebrae (or spondyli).

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 1

  • The spine is made of 33 bones (called vertebrae) that have disks in between them that act as natural shock absorbers.

    The Daily News - News


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