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  • adj. vertebrate; having vertebrae

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  • Same as vertebrate, 1.
  • Jointed, as the arms of starfishes, by means of vertebræ. See vertebra, 2, vertebral, a., 5, and ambulacral ossicles (under ambulacral).


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  • During the four following months it goes in and out, and strolls about between meals, like other young ones of its class, and is then an animal at nurse affording thus a twofold example of the tendency of the great Creator to repeat Himself in His conceptions, here using for the infancy of the mammal the system invented for adult insects -- elsewhere repeating the butterfly in the humming-bird, who may fairly be called a vertebrated butterfly, and reproducing the gnat in the vampire-bat, which I look upon as an enlarged and perfected revise of the original pattern, whence comes the scourge of our sweet summer nights.

    The History of a Mouthful of Bread And its effect on the organization of men and animals

  • Among the lower animals, up even to those first cousins of the vertebrated animals, the Tunicates, the two processes occur side by side, but finally the sexual method superseded its competitor altogether.

    The War of The Worlds

  • The subject requires careful re-investigation, but if the currently received statements are correct, the appearance of the ‘corpus callosum’ in the placental mammals is the greatest and most sudden modification exhibited by the brain in the whole series of vertebrated animals — it is the greatest leap anywhere made by Nature in her brain work.


  • Arrayed in what she calls distinctly “dress,” scented, adorned, displayed, she achieves by artifice a sexual differentiation profounder than that of any other vertebrated animal.

    A Modern Utopia

  • The class Mammalia is scientifically defined as "all animals which have a vertebrated skeleton and suckle their young."

    Huxley on Whewell on Classification

  • "Can the organisation of vertebrated animals be referred to one uniform type?"

    Form and Function A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology

  • These possess neither brain nor spinal cord; their nerve-centres, instead of being concentrated in a cranium and vertebral canal, are entirely disseminated through the cavities of the trunk, as are the visceral plexuses in vertebrated animals.

    The Education of American Girls

  • The degree of control is variable, according to the relative predominance of the one or the other; and this predominance varies, not only according to different species of vertebrated animals, but also according to different individuals, in that which presents the most conspicuous capacity for individual variation -- the human species.

    The Education of American Girls

  • Remains of fishes have been detected in rocks immediately over the Aymestry limestone, being apparently the first examples of vertebrated animals which breathed upon our planet. (p. 64).

    An Expository Outline of the "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation" With a Notice of the Author's "Explanations:" A Sequel to the Vestiges

  • That the simpler form of organic life should first appear; that remains of invertebrated animals should be first found; then, with these, fish, being the lowest of the vertebrated; next, reptiles and birds, which occupy higher grades; and finally, along with the rest, mammifers, the highest of all -- all this appears natural enough.

    An Expository Outline of the "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation" With a Notice of the Author's "Explanations:" A Sequel to the Vestiges


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