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  • n. Plural form of vertigo.


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  • The facets danced their vivid vertigos into his brain.

    The Flaw in the Sapphire

  • It is very likely that studies of this kind will produce some day the key of the epilepsy problem, for vertigos and certain epileptic fits are certainly phenomena of relaxation, the meaning of which we do not comprehend because we do not study sufficiently the state of psychological tension before and after the accidents.

    A Psychiatric Milestone Bloomingdale Hospital Centenary, 1821-1921

  • The position of our American colonel was the worst, for he was very stout and short-sighted, which defects, taken together, caused him frequent vertigos.

    From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan

  • From the period of his attack in February he had been, from time to time, indisposed; and, more than once, had complained of vertigos, which made him feel, he said, as if intoxicated.

    Life of Lord Byron

  • Few can look down from a great height without creepings and crispations, if they do not get as far as vertigos and that aerial calenture which prompts them to jump from the pinnacle on which they are standing.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • We had no previous symptoms of this terrae motus mentioned by some authors, as sulphureous smells, spring water altered as to taste and smell, agitations in the sea without wind &c.; neither can I find any of the effects or consequences that some historians relate as vertigos, ca - pitis gravedinos, nauseas, menstruery obstructions &c.

    Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

  • Chapter IV, under the general heading, "Psychic states and Diverse Post-Traumatic Neuroses": (a) Post-traumatic epilepsy; (b) Traumatic aphasia; (c) Alcoholism, traumatism and hallucinatory conditions; (d) Post-traumatic sensual perversions; (e) Pains, vertigos, deafness, etc., following trauma; (f) Distant post-traumatic psychic disorders with cerebral lesions; (g) Unclassifiable observations.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology


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