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  • n. Plural form of vertue.


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  • There is to be required at the hands of euery perfect Gardiner thrée especiall vertues, that is to say, _Diligence_, _Industry_, and _Art_: the two first, as namely, _Diligence_ (vnder which word I comprehend his loue, care, and delight in the vertue hee professeth) and _Industry_

    The English Husbandman The First Part: Contayning the Knowledge of the true Nature of euery Soyle within this Kingdome: how to Plow it; and the manner of the Plough, and other Instruments

  • The Iustice, and equitie of a Prince, the strength of the bodie, all heroicall vertues: also are set forthe his eloquence and verse, floweth in soche sorte, with soche pleasauntnes: so copious, so aboundaunt, so graue and sen - tencious, that his singularitie therein excelleth, and passeth.

    A booke called the Foundacion of Rhetorike because all other partes of Rhetorike are grounded thereupon, euery parte sette forthe in an Oracion vpon questions, verie profitable to bee knowen and redde

  • The reading likewise of histories, conduceth not a litle, to the adorning of the soule & minde of man, a studie of all men cõmended: by it are seene and knowen the artes and doinges of infinite wise men gone before vs. In histories are contained infinite examples of heroicall vertues to be of vs followed, and horrible examples of vices to be of vs eschewed.

    The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara

  • I guess your saying wait on it, but patience is not one of my vertues (sp?).

    Fine Guns For The Stingy

  • The nature and condition of man, wherin he is lasse than god almightie, and excellinge nat withstanding all other creatures in erthe, is called humanitie whiche is a generall name to those vertues in whome semeth to be a mutuall concorde and loue in the nature of man.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The Christian Religion brings mankind diverse positive Benefits, such as are, more cleare and extensive knowledg of God, and divine things; the Remission of Sins; the Favour of God; severall graces and vertues suitable to mens respective needs and conditions; and above all, a happy Immortality in the Life to come.

    Sticky Wants to Grab

  • These were the assumptions behind literary study for a very long time, as neatly expressed by Sidney:It is not ryming and versing that maketh a Poet . . . but it is that faining notable images of vertues, vices, or what els, with that delightfull teaching, which must be the right describing note to know a Poet by.

    Literature: the very idea

  • In "Panacea" (first published in Latin in 1587), Dutch doctor Giles Everard extols the "wonderful vertues" of tobacco in all its addictive potency.

    Rare Books on Early America

  • Jeff: Refering to your comment on the vertues of weblog concerning lists of missing, or maintening the information dispite supports had disapered, what would you think about initiating a network of bloglists of constructive long term social propositions in regard to compil them and then make them nationaly public over the Internet and till send them to the Congress?

    Who wants to own distribution? « BuzzMachine

  • Chiron when hee appeased the wrath of Achilles, tolde him the duetie of a good souldier, repeated the vertues of his father Peleus, and sung the famous enterprises of noble men.

    The More Things Change II


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