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  • n. Localized vulvodynia in the vestibular region (the entry point into the vagina).


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vestibule +‎ -itis


  • Dyspareunia can also develop secondary medical problems such as vestibulitis (inflammation of a gland), vaginal atrophy or dryness of vagina or vaginal infection.


  • The only thing that arose in my midwife appointment yesterday is that I have a slight UTI, but with the vaginal vestibulitis we expected that.

    The voices in my head

  • I had a lavender bath to soak in - I'm not allowed soap in my baths because of the vestibulitis - and Rob used the water to wash in.

    What to do?!

  • In other news, my vestibulitis is itising for all it's worth, and Rob is going to go out and buy me crisps really soon.

    I learned something new today

  • The doctor was lovely, and I have a frightening prescription for a topical treatment for vaginal vestibulitis, and lots of information on contraception, and Emer is still just above the 50th centile for weight and we're both doing very well indeed.

    Friday 13th

  • It's hard to tell, with shooting pelvic pain anyway, and the vestibulitis.

    Work/life balance, and WOMAD

  • So my vaginal vestibulitis is not a happy inflammation right now.

    Baby clothes! And baby art.

  • In vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (also called localized vulvar dysesthesia), women feel pain mainly in an area between the labia (the vestibule), and only when that area is touched or pressed.


  • We now know how intercourse without pleasure can damage the female body and lead to such things as vestibulitis and other illnesses.

    Treating Porn Like Every Other Media

  • The other is a bit annoying; it's to see a dermatologist about my vaginal vestibulitis, and it's for 14 weeks after the letter was sent, ie the 24th of January.

    Trip to Galway, Aran, and back again


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