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  • adj. Without a vest.


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vest +‎ -less


  • Mountjoy - you mean you go vestless, you'll regret that when yo get older, or so my mam used to say.

    Absent Friends

  • He wore a white shirt, as being holiday-making, but had not managed a collar; his pants were dark-blue, slightly belled; his coat, dark-brown; his boots wore highly polished; round his neck was a silk handkerchief; round his vestless waist, a discoloured leather belt; above all, a wide-brimmed cabbage tree hat, encircled by a narrow leather strap.

    The Workingman's Paradise An Australian Labour Novel

  • He was hatless, vestless, and evidently had just enjoyed a morning drink.

    The Lone Star Ranger

  • Every gentleman in the room was collarless, coatless, tieless, and vestless.

    The Crisis — Volume 03

  • There again was the angled, low-celled room of the country tavern, reeking with food and lamps and perspiration; for a central figure the man of surpassing homeliness, -- coatless, tieless, and vestless, -- telling a story in the vernacular.

    The Crisis — Complete

  • Coach Robey, coatless, vestless, hatless, his old flannel trousers held up as by a miracle with the aid of a leather strap scarcely deserving the name of belt, pushed his way through the first squad players.

    Left Guard Gilbert

  • Weakening, but unconscious of it, with bloody hands and feet, without lasso, and with only one charge in his revolver, hatless, coatless, vestless, bootless, the wild hunter urged on the noble horse.

    The Last of the Plainsmen

  • By the time the '30s rolled around, sweater vests were standard in men's suiting: During the Depression, suit manufacturers began to sell cheaper, vestless suits, in place of the three-piece standard.

    Slate Articles

  • How long before some vestless patron swallows too much water and sues the operator for failing to recognize he wasn't a good enough swimmer? - News :


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