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  • adv. In a vexed manner; annoyedly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • With vexation; with a sense of annoyance or vexation. Richardson, Clarissa Harlowe, I. lxix.


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vexed +‎ -ly


  • Only in the middle of Mass, when his mind should have been on higher things, did Cadfael recall vexedly two more concessions he might have gained if he had thought of them in time.

    Monk's Hood

  • When they continued out past the steel diving-stage where a few of the hardiest divers disported, he muttered vexedly under his breath "damned malahinis!"


  • Surveying the herbaceous border, Miss Marple clicked her tongue vexedly and pulled up a flourishing plant of groundsel.

    Twin Moons

  • My heart is vexedly easy, if I may so describe it. —

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • “Well, please do me the favour never to DARE to touch my things again,” he said as he gathered up the broken fragments and looked at them vexedly.


  • But the right arm of the silky thing was ripped from cuff to shoulder, and the dwarf mumbled over it vexedly as he scrubbed.

    Fortress Of Frost And Fire

  • She said vexedly, "Oh, look what you've made me do -- now I'll have to start again."

    The Chain Of Destiny

  • He took up a good deal of space on the desk, and Eugenia thought vexedly that her neat piles of papers would be a fine muddle.

    Heidelberg Wedding

  • It was all very well for George, she thought vexedly, he was hardly ever home, and the only time Corina was animated and smiling was when he got back in the evenings.

    A Summer Idyll

  • She was an eyeful, Phyllida decided vexedly on their first evening, and she couldn't compete with the white crepe dress, cut low and with a long gored skirt which twisted and twirled as the girl walked the length of the restaurant.

    Last April Fair


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