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  • adv. With regard to vibration


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  • So, you know, Jimi developed this concept of electric church, which was the ability - the using of electric guitars and sound to go into a human being kind of vibrationally and change them and make them more peaceful, and make people kind of more harmonious on the planet, you know.

    Jimi Sounds Like A Rainbow: Hendrix For Kids

  • The molecules almost immediately and completely transfer that energy by collision to the nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere, slightly warming it, BUT, collisions also vibrationally excite the greenhouse gases, including CO2.

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  • The net result is that there is an equilibrium amount of vibrationally excited greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this equilibrium amount depends on the local temperature.

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  • The vibrationally excited greenhouse gas molecules emit IR in all directions, including back to the surface.

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  • The energy is degraded into thermal motion of the molecules 2. CO2 molecules can be vibrationally excited by collision.

    Darth Data Destroyer

  • A few of the energetic collisions can vibrationally excite the CO2 to the same 650 cm-1 excited vibrational level.

    Rabett Run

  • Because collisional processes are fast wrt radiation, the number of vibrationally excited CO2 molecules can be characterized by a Boltzman distribution.

    Rabett Run

  • At 300 K about 6% of the CO2 molecules in the atmosphere are vibrationally excited and can radiate.

    Rabett Run

  • Transfer of energy from NO2* to H2O followed by reaction of other NO2* with the vibrationally excited H2O would depend on the square of the NO2 concentration.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • The model takes into account the role of vibrationally excited N2 and O2 and electronically excited O+ ions in the ionosphere and calculates altitude profiles of electron and ion densities Ne and Ni and temperatures Te and Ti above 130 km.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit


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