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  • n. Plural form of vicarage.


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  • A county town draws the inhabitants of all vicarages, farms, country houses, and wayside cottages, within a radius of ten miles at least, once or twice a week to its streets; and among them, on this occasion, were Ralph Denham and Mary

    Night and Day, by Virginia Woolf

  • Large historic vicarages were much too costly for the Church to maintain, but their sale to the London commuting gentry realised handsome contributions for central funds.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • For while many of us may have grown up in vicarages where there seemed to be no money, and while we too heard talk of "dilapidations," the diocesan funds required for the repair of our homes, or were sometimes spoken of in the north of England as "nesh" if we seemed to require more cosseting than a young person should, rather fewer of us experienced the kind of squalor that Sage evokes.

    The Woman Who Did

  • The vulnerability of Prideaux to disciplinary pressure amounts to this: that at a time when Laud was actively engaged in a wide-ranging campaign against pluralism in the Church, the doctor held, in addition to his professorship of sacred theology, four vicarages, a college rectorship, and three minor commendams.

    Great Tew: An Exchange

  • Asked to explain in what way Prideaux, an established academic dignitary, was "vulnerable," he now replies that Prideaux was a pluralist: he held a few vicarages in addition to his college headship and regius professorship at Oxford.

    Great Tew, Continued

  • Swiss curate's house very good indeed -- much better than most English vicarages.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 17, No. 470, January 8, 1831

  • Valladolid, Ocaña, and Monte Agudo respectively, for young novices intended to be sent to the Philippines, the last Spanish Colony where friars held vicarages.

    The Philippine Islands

  • Progressists, therefore, who combated ecclesiastical preponderance in the Philippines, demanded the retirement of the friars to conventual reclusion or missions, and the appointment of _clérigos_, or secular clergymen to the vicarages and curacies.

    The Philippine Islands

  • This incident seriously aroused the jealousy of the friars holding vicarages, and did not improve the relations between Church and State.

    The Philippine Islands

  • I'm afraid people do get a little narrow-minded in country vicarages.

    Whose Body?


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