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  • adj. Of, relating to, or as a result of vicariance.


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  • Recent studies of the vicariant distribution patterns of several montane amphibians and reptiles suggest that there was a period in Madagascar�s recent geological history during cool and dry glacial periods when there was a continuous belt of montane habitats between the Andringitra and Ankaratra massifs.

    Madagascar ericoid thickets

  • We now know that crocodilians were present on New Zealand as recently as the Miocene, and it was intimated by Molnar et al. (2002) that this might support a vicariant origin of island dwelling crocodilians in the south-west Pacific.

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  • Molnar et al. (2002) also pointed to the presence of the frog Platymantis on Fiji as evidence for a vicariant origin of at least some of the tetrapods on these islands, though it’s worth noting that the old chestnut about frogs being incapable of dispersal across salt water is no longer viable (Vences et al. 2003).

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