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  • interj. Phonetic alternative spelling of vice versa.


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Phonetic spelling of vice versa.


  • Modern Cryptography is based on Maths, but the vice-a-versa is not necessarily true.

    How To Crack A Wi-Fi Network’s WEP Password | Lifehacker Australia

  • Never mind that Iraq under Saddam hated al Qaeda and vice-a-versa.

    Merchants of Death, The Politics of Perpetual Fear

  • It stood out to me because in my mind true Palestinians, not Israeli Arabs do not like Jews and vice-a-versa yet here I was traveling on this bus full of Jews with a blatant Palestinian on-board.

    Eilat – Israel's Backdoor to Terror

  • In fact, there are local rebellions going on in many areas with different paramilitary groups, Christians fighting Muslims and vice-a-versa, terrible massacres going on.

    CNN Transcript Oct 14, 2002

  • "India and Nepal share an open border regime under which Nepali citizens do not require a visa to travel to India and vice-a-versa," Sood wrote to the foreign minister.

    PunjabNewsline News

  • For instance in the first game you had to do several puzzles that required you to rotate sections of wire around to connect circuits, and in Saw II you do the exact same thing only this time the wires can only be matched to wires of opposite color (red to yellow and vice-a-versa).

    IGN Complete

  • The municipal corporation blames the state government and vice-a-versa. News Feed

  • What you think is good, I may find to be evil and vice-a-versa.

  • This is a purely speculative investment that simply goes up in price when its underlying metal goes up in price, and vice-a-versa.


  • Back in the 50's, if you were an actress you usually had to be able to sing and dance, but now we tend to snub actors that try to get into music or vice-a-versa.

    I'm Not Obsessed -


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