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  • adv. In a vicious manner; ferociously or maliciously.

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  • In a vicious manner.

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  • adv. in a vicious manner


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vicious +‎ -ly


  • He bit off the word viciously and then sank his head into his hands and bowed it to a depth that alone could express his shame.

    Constance Dunlap

  • His brother was slain viciously and his fiancé Gwen Conliffe has asked Lawrence’s help in finding the killer.! » This Puppy Ain’t Your Papa’s WOLFMAN! Kryos Howls At The Moon After Seeing Universal’s Classic Monster Remake!

  • I’ve often wondered if the reason gilded-age robber-barons, and their contemporary compadres (like the Koch family, the Coors family, Richard Mellon-Scaife, Murdoch, and similar) fought – and fight – modest wealth-redistribution (through progressive taxation and other measures to benefit the Commons) so savagely and so viciously is because they all know that programs to benefit ALL the People are uniformly popular, and would expand exponentially if given any chance at all.

    Matthew Yglesias » Mass Transit is As American as Apple Pie

  • The creature swung its huge sword viciously, side to side, up and down as it advanced on Torin.

    The Dragons of Krynn

  • With that, the dark-cloaked as - sailant swung the flat of the sword viciously down on top of Woodrow's head, and the human crumpled.


  • The Viking tumbled to the ground and Cormack swung his sword viciously into his neck.

    Last Sword Of Power

  • His lightning quick changes between playing the tender father, joking around with his daughter and tearing into her viciously are the sort of thing that makes you wake up in the middle of the night wondering where your childhood has gone.

    ArtsJournal: Daily Arts News

  • In the past, Russell was known as a viciously anti-union company.

    Recent articles from

  • But firing her after that kind of viciously racist attitude was exactly the right thing to do.

    Right-wing propaganda revisited: A reply to readers

  • The reason why comments like that make Freeman 'viciously' prejudiced against Israel is because how can anyone say: 'Israel excels at war' when Israel is not the one with the war agenda, that would be Article 7 of the Hamas Charter, which reads: "O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!"

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...


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