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  • n. Plural form of victimizer.


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  • It has been pointed out that peace will not come to the Middle East until Israel faces the fact that its population of former victims was a population of victimizers from the very founding of the state.

    Matthew Yglesias » Tit for Double-Tat

  • The authors focus on what kinds of victims are important ( "worthy" ones) while others (the "unworthy") go unmentioned or are characterized as victimizers with the corrupted media playing their usual role trumpeting whatever policies serve the interests of power.

    Terrorism Defined

  • Amazingly, he has discovered a "lack of hatred" and a thirst for "non-violent" action among Palestinians, despite all the abuse from their Israeli "victimizers," and the mischaracterizations from the purportedly pro-Israel U.S. media.

    FrontPage Magazine

  • Bosch, whose empathy for such victims is as fierce as his zeal to arrest their victimizers "he needed to see the look on the killer's face when he knocked on the door and showed his badge", can't help but be bothered by the department's priorities: Eight people are assigned to the death of the councilman's son, but nobody seems to care about Lily Price, dead for 20 years and her murderer still unknown.


  • Conservatism is a hotbed of victimizers claiming that they HAVE to oppress those whom they do because they in their role reversals have turned their victims into the victimizers and they themselves into the victims …

    Think Progress » FBI Issues Warning About Threat From Yet Another Anti-Government Group With Ties To The Radical Right

  • But in civil wars victims and victimizers hail from the same neighborhood.


  • Your film is the flipside of that genre, in that okies are the victims, and yuppies are the victimizers.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • After all, didn't we learn after World War II how quickly victims become victimizers?

    MJ Rosenberg: Israel Plays With Fire

  • They don 't — their publics having largely accepted that, in regard to the question of Palestine, Arabs were the victims and Jews the victimizers and colonialists to boot.

    Why Israel Needs the Bomb

  • This would require the leadership of civic and political figures who are willing to recognize that as we have been victimized, we, in the name of the United States, have also been victimizers.

    Joel Shatzky: Educating for Democracy: A Walk for Peace on 9/11


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