victimological love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to victimology.


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  • The good Rev is going off half-cocked with his "victimological" rhetoric again … not surpringly.

    Opening Arguments

  • Former Bush speechwriter David Frum called the speech "worse than feared" and claimed that "a victimological approach" to Islamic history "now commands the assent of an American president."

    The Progress Report: A New Beginning in Cairo

  • I found six patterns, the victimological, the profile of the victims.

    CNN Transcript Mar 26, 2009

  • When I looked at these cases, the first thing that jumped out at me was the victimological profile.

    CNN Transcript Mar 26, 2009

  • Bobby Jindal is even less a minority viewed through such victimological lenses.

    The righty bloggers' favorite elected Republican is...

  • Certain people can be forgiven feeling a sense of pleasure at seeing Clinton and Obama bashing each other with victimological epithets, and their respective supporters finding evidence of the same.

    Harvard sociology prof Orlando Patterson sees racism in Hillary's 3 a.m. ad.

  • The way was then paved for the final, fateful influx: that of the ex-Trotskyite, right-wing social democrat, democrat capitalist, Truman-Humphrey-Scoop Jackson liberals, displaced from their home in the Democratic party by the loony left that we know so well: the feminist, deconstructing, quota-loving, advanced victimological left.

    Mises Institute Daily Articles (Full-text version)

  • World Society of Victimology '(I'm giving you links so you will know I am not making this up - you couldn't!) and to co-ordiante all the research into ways of channeling tax payers money into consoling Shropshire farmers, we have the imaginatively named,' Intervict ', an academic faculty focusing on developing victimological studies, and handing out victim' ologies 'to attentive students.

    British Blogs

  • In his book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Prof Arthur Butz cites several victimological exaggerations of Jewish scholars.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • Perhaps if you stopped lecturing, preaching, wagging your finger at us, and subliminally claiming and hinting to know what’s going on in our heads and/or how you just know better than the rest of us, other commenters wouldn’t be so “uncivil,” “abusive,” “dismissive,” “condescending,” or whatever victimological phrase you think best describes people’s attitudes towards you.

    “PlameGate”, the Bush Administration, and Rove’s treason


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