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  • adj. Characteristic of a victim, or of someone who has accepted the status of a victim


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victim +‎ -y


  • I heard him on "ON POINT" a couple weeks back and he was the worst combination of accusatory, condescending, whiny, and victimy.

    Lanny Davis: It's Hard To Criticize Obama "Without Being Accused Of Playing Race Card"

  • Big Mike: I don't want to get all victimy here, so thanks.

    Off-blog Althouse.

  • And obviously while everyone was cranking up into high victimy dudgeon, the matter was already sorted.

    Jaymin Carthage gets the boot from Linden Lab for his "branch"

  • Why am I not asking myself, first and foremost, "Does this make me look unhappy?" or "Does this make me look boring?" or "Does this make me look fashion-victimy?" or "Does this make me look like a visiting space alien, and not in the sexy lamé-bikini-and-boots way?"

    April 2007

  • I love it with the fedora although I also believe that cowboy boots are fashion-victimy nine times out of ten.

    Saturday Night Hat - A Dress A Day

  • But his amusingly victimy battered-leather ensemble – complete with scrunchy brown leather cowboy hat – left me wondering if my precious sauvage trend might be déjà played out.

    Strictly Sauvage

  • Having your wife killed by a drunk driver is more tragic & victimy than having her killed by a sober one.

    Michelle Malkin


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