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  • n. A small television camera tube that forms a charge-density image on a photoconductive surface for subsequent electron-beam scanning.

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  • n. A device in a television camera that forms an image composed of varying charges on a photoconductive surface


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

vid(eo) + icon(oscope).


  • Swiped from vidicon, who swiped it from this article in the Mail Online.

    Yes, I would ride this around town (and wear a gold shirt while doing so)

  • This early weather satellite used vidicon cameras to scan wide areas of the Earth's surface.

    Remote sensing

  • He would like you to note that in addition to being the "Worst vidicon impression ever," the second "Green Screen" version is ripe for naughty Photoshops of all sorts, and encourages you to go wild.

    The Final Tally - For The Media-Obsessed Only!

  • The Good: We're just about completely out of the old house now (minus two suitcases and a vacuum cleaner). freyaskat, terracinque, volta, and vidicon provided huge help on Saturday, and magenta_girl freed up time on her schedule to clean the house on Sunday (anyone looking for a great housecleaning service in Atlanta or SC, contact her -- her rates are great, as is the service).

    The good and the bad

  • Today's required reading vidicon, as always, hits any number of nails on the head in this post.

    The Marx Brothers on DVD!

  • If you're reading vidicon, surely you want to fill out his customer satisfaction survey.

    Okay, I'm a lemming

  • Went to Javamonkey with Shadesong, Mermaidblue,, and LJ-less Alex, where we met up with vidicon, sibylla, kaliwohi, tygerlilly, and sirinek the latter two being folks I met for the first time and hopefully not the last!

    It's Monday, and I'm a Slut

  • So, last night, we realized that of the folks currently hanging out at our house, only shadesong, vidicon, and I had seen Meet the Feebles.

    . . . and I'm all out of bubble gum

  • We had quite the fun time, chatting and caffeinating for hours, until tygerlilly had to return to Columbia, and vidicon had to hunt stray cats.

    It's Monday, and I'm a Slut

  • And shadesong is blogging for RAINN. vidicon is blogging for The Association for International Cancer Research.

    Morning events


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