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  • n. Plural form of vidscreen.


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  • CINEMA SPEC: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy views moving pictures in all their forms, real and imaginary, from shadow plays to classic films, from videocassettes to animated tattoos. 32 authors have contributed flash fiction, short stories, and poetry to the anthology, transporting readers back to a time when flames flickered and paintings waltzed on cave walls, and forward to possible futures when the heavens themselves might serve as vidscreens.

    Five things make a post, they say

  • Ask students to research the future of technology and speculate how it will affect them personally smart houses and cars, global tracking devices, vidscreens, and other devices.

    Taken by Edward Bloor: Questions

  • The crowds froze, faces tipped up toward the vidscreens, which all flashed the same useless message: Alert.


  • The rest of the vidscreens were flashing pop-ups for corp-produced goods and services to be bought with corp-credit— corp-towners got paid in play money that was only good within the bounds of the corp-town, forming a neatly closed circle between corp and employee.


  • One of the vidscreens flashing overhead made the point in stark terms, broadcasting a looped vid of two men wrestling, a knife flashing in each of their hands.


  • Alert! screamed the vidscreens, although there was no one left to warn.


  • In what had once been the administrator's office, surrounded by vidscreens glowing the pale green that indicated no signal, they found the man who must have been commander of the Holy Warriors, dead in his chair, head thrown back, red eyes staring at the ceiling, the front of his once-white uniform stiff with dried blood and vomit.

    Archive 2006-10-22

  • "This looks like the sort of planet full of holo-theaters and threedee parlors, with wall-to-wall vidscreens in every house."

    The Wizard Of Karres

  • There were exactly forty-two vidscreens built into the walls of the mansion's main ballroom.

    Tek Net

  • There were only thirty vidscreens in the walls and they displayed not Marriner Media shows but variable views of what was going on inside the major Marriner offices and facilities around the world.

    Tek Net


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