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  • n. The view from a particular vantage point.


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Modelled on watershed. Compare foodshed.


  • Second viewshed is very important to the resident of this area.

    Peter's Mountain Tower Approved at

  • Its idea is to protect the environmental integrity of the riverbanks and bluffs, and to preserve what planners call its "viewshed" - that canoe-in-the wilderness feel.

  • We can't be destroying the "viewshed" that overlooks a bustling Roanoke Valley, teeming with vibrant business establishments employing highly motivated, highly skilled, and well-paid workers battling mightily with Detroit to make the Roanoke area 178th in economic vitality out of America's 200 largest communities.

    From On High

  • In Westwood, the signs would be within the "viewshed" of people on Whitewood Road and Blue Hill Drive, and would not be attractive given their proximity to the planned Westwood Station development, said Town Administrator Michael Jaillet.

    The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS

  • The rest will be split between school operating costs and improving its facilities -- including money for protections of the campus "viewshed," or visible environment.

    The Roanoke Times: Home page

  • i guess it could be worse. the last class i have is historical ecology. i...well, i guess i can almost describe it as popomo archeology. the instructor explains concepts like "viewshed" & "privileged view." like, lawns in olde englande. estate design features like the ha-ha so called because if you fall in one people say "ha ha!"

    mordicai: crown me king!

  • "viewshed" study that should prove, at last, that Fort Monroe isn't just a cherishable fortress surrounded by historic land so unimportant as to merit condos.


  • As one winegrower told me last year: "They don't want a facility that interferes with their viewshed."

    Death of the Dream

  • Each radar will sweep back and forth 24/7, looking for movement in its viewshed.

    Virtual Fence Gets a 'Do Over'

  • By calculating the viewshed, the area visible from each of the sites is derived, as well as their intervisibility.

    Survey of the Kales « Interactive Dig Sagalassos – City in the Clouds


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