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  • n. Alternative spelling of vigilantism.


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  • But when you have a heavily-armed mini-militia whose members are on record as belonging to the KKK patrolling the borders to keep out brown people, that’s called vigilanteism–and worse names.

    minutemen protest on campus « raincoaster

  • Consequently, there was no "vigilanteism" in the strict sense as such, where normals citizens take the law in their own hands and act as if they had higher authority than they really have.

  • Just out of interest Gadget, does your force keep a trendline for vigilanteism (sp?).

    “Two Years” for Jon Harper Killer « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Eight convictions in two years must seem precious little recompense for all those years of vigilanteism in the cold and the wet and the 700 hours of Parliamentary time which might have been better spent on solving some of the real problems that confront all our people.

    Discombobulated Vigilantes

  • But it was a very well done speculative work dealing with contemporary political issues and the possibility of privately funded anti-terrorist technology/vigilanteism (a la Batman).

    I'm Ready for Ridley Scott's Apology Now

  • A lovely way of seeing things, or the highest form of vigilanteism?

    World Famous Design Junkies » 2009 » October

  • And on a social front, last I heard, it's not 'women' that vast homogenous group of X2erminaphobes who frown on arming themselves to the teeth, it's the silly Canadian legal system that thinks adhoc armed vigilanteism is a no-no.

    Happiness is a warm gun.

  • Some argue that sites like this encourage vigilanteism and create risks for wrongfully accused or databased people; others argue they promote a false sense of security awareness (what about the rapist next door who isn't in this website's database?)

    Boing Boing: February 19, 2006 - February 25, 2006 Archives

  • The "engine" refers to distributed vigilanteism, where multiple participants collaborate in bringing what they see as justice to a bad situation.

    Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Fearing the human flesh search engine

  • In a hypothetical real-world anarcho-capitalist zone, if a "bank" operated like Gingko Financial, they would rapidly be sued in libertarian/anarcho-capitalist theory, civil courts are as close as anyone gets to a government, and if all else fails, the last recourse of justice, vigilanteism, could remove the grifters.

    Sub-Prime Crisis in Second Life


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