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  • n. a Buddhistic monastery

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  • n. In Buddhist arch., a monastery. See Buddhist architecture, under Buddhist.


Sanskrit विहार (vi-hāra) (Wiktionary)


  • In the chief hall of the vihara was a life-sized statue of Bhavani, the feminine aspect of Shiva.

    From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan

  • They burn incense, light lamps, and perform all the prescribed services, day and night without ceasing, till ninety days have been completed, when (the tooth) is returned to the vihara within the city.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • Ghochira was the name of a Vaisya elder, or head, who presented a garden and vihara to Buddha.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • We must suppose that the original record had disappeared from the Jetavana vihara, or Fa-hien would probably have spoken of it when he was there, and copied it, if he had been allowed to do so.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • The Jetavana vihara was originally of seven storeys.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • Further, at the place where the discussion took place, they reared a vihara rather more than sixty cubits high, having in it an image of Buddha in a sitting posture.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • Four le to the north-west of the vihara there is a grove called

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • When you go north-west from the vihara of the Deer-wild park for thirteen yojanas, there is a kingdom named Kausambi. 12 Its vihara is named Ghochiravana13 — a place where Buddha formerly resided.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • South of the city seven le there is a vihara, called the

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

  • In front of the door of the vihara, there are parties who every morning sell flowers and incense,8 and those who wish to make offerings buy some of all kinds.

    A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms


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