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  • n. Plural form of vilification.


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  • But the rumours that had been spread demonizing him, along with the vilifications of the Tory press, not only hurt his pride but seriously obstructed his ability to earn a living.

    william hazlitt | the man of letters « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • One of the first vilifications of absinthe was an 1864 experiment in which a certain Dr. Magnan exposed a guinea pig to large doses of pure wormwood vapor and another to alcohol vapors.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The eulogies and vilifications are flip sides of the same coin, and are founded on the misconception that the chief executive of a longstanding global company with tens of thousands of employees, hundreds of senior managers and an army of expensive external consultants, has anywhere near the dramatic impact we are led to believe.

    David Bolchover: Tony Hayward and Those CEO Myths

  • Therefore, turning toward those who are prolonging a fratricidal conflict, who are organizing lamentable attacks in Metropolitan France, or who are spreading through the chancelleries, through underground dens, by means of the radios and the newspapers of certain foreign capitals-vilifications of France, to those I say: Why kill?

    Daniel Bruno Sanz: The Fool's Errand

  • If you will forgive my presumption, I think that he is right to take issue with the taunts and vilifications against Sen Clinton and her supporters.

    Obama, McCain Carry Hart's Location

  • They hear "newscasters" preface opinions and vilifications that could and should be attributed to specific sources, if uttered at all, with negligent, cowardly qualifying phrases such as "Some people think ..." and "Some are saying ...."

    Kathleen Reardon: "Some Say" Ignorance Is Bliss

  • Institute your purges, your vilifications, GRAB that power that is rightfully yours!

    Parsing Palin’s ‘For Naught’ - The Caucus Blog -

  • In any case, Virginians have never gotten over the vilifications of Dickens, who was wined and dined in a style befitting the great man and then turned on his hosts with a keenly observant eye for the signs of misery beneath the façade.

    Like Dickens, I'm a Tourist On Withered Ground

  • UDM provincial general secretary Malizole Diko said the UDM hoped this would put an end to the mudslinging and smear campaigns based on "apocryphal evidence rooted on denigratory vilifications which are headed by ANC leadership against Sifiso Nkabinde as a person, and the UDM as an organistion".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Then the mare Filomena came in for her share of vilifications, being called a '_giovinastra_ (naughty girl), a _vecchierellaccia_ (vile old hag), a--' Here the rain, pebbles, lightning, and thunder interrupted the driver, and Rocjean told him to take breath and a pull at his flask, which was filled with _Sambuca_.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 1 January 1863 Devoted To Literature And National Policy


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