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  • adj. Resembling a vine or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

vine +‎ -like


  • Even more bewildering was the fact that several species I had recently seen elsewhere in the archipelago looked so different what had been, say, a small shrub on another island had magically transformed into a vinelike tree here that I never would have recognized them without my colleagues' help.

    Robert J. Cabin: World's Most Unique and Endangered Forest Needs Our Help

  • The vegetation changed from pine and manzanita to aspen and acacia, with long vinelike tendrils of wild strawberries growing parasitically over the rock face, intermixed with ferns and bottlebrush and poison sumac.

    Baby Games

  • It had a thick vinelike root wrapped around the trunk that would make for easy climbing.

    The Soldiers of Halla

  • The cortex, or outer layer of the brain, houses a thicket of 10 billion vinelike nerve cells, which communicate by relaying chemical and electrical impulses.


  • Fifty yards ahead on the right was a rutted lane, its center filled with dark green vinelike weeds, that led toward the hill overlooking Finduma.

    The Spellsong War

  • "It is fairly small, with vinelike branches," Cheiron said.

    Harpy Thyme

  • There were more of the vinelike things, and small metal objects.

    The Legacy of Heorot

  • When the water was simmering, she dropped in a measured amount of a mixture of dried leaves, roots, and particularly the fine vinelike stems of golden thread and left it to steep.

    The Mammoth Hunters

  • Those long young-old fingers came down and gentled on the strings, the left hand rose and curled vinelike about the top.

    With Friends Like These...

  • There was a fire escape at every other one of these windows -- the usual spidery affair of black-painted iron, clinging vinelike to the bricks.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy


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