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  • v. Present participle of violate.


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  • TSA is much more effective than the terrorists in violating the right of United States citizens.

    Obama takes on criticism of proposed new agency

  • If they were succesful to loby governements in violating the privacy of the citizen further these solutions would become wide spread and they will be no way at all to tell who is exchanging what.

    Spanish court frees P2P file sharer

  • While they were not alone in violating those rules, the Greeks are liars and frauds who are known to have cooked their books and to have concealed the true size of their deficits to the EU (with the help of Goldman Sachs, by the way).

    Matthew Yglesias » The Trouble With Germany

  • Sarah Palin violating the law, I thought the reason she gave to QUIT her governorship was that "the media" was making things up about her and all of those investigations about her were hogwash ...

    Palin's PAC steps up contributions to GOP candidates

  • Even if we trust the TSA to blur the faces of travelers and properly dispose of the naked images, and we don't, we believe the TSA has reached yet another milestone in violating our privacy.

    Do You Have Any Naked Pictures Of Your Mother? The TSA Does - The Consumerist

  • The husband of any woman violating is to be held responsible and punished with the bamboo, and the smaller mandarins having jurisdiction are made responsible for the conduct of their several districts, and are threatened with degradation, and other punishment, if they attempt to evade the requirements of the proclamation.

    Letter from Young John Allen to an editor,January 28, 1868

  • I couldn't figure out if there was any kind of criminal charges alongside Paul's admission of guilt in violating federal law for activities not relating to any Clinton.

    Obama camp out with new gas tax ad, Clinton camp fires back

  • They admitted that the Florida voters were NOT AT FAULT in violating the rules and that the REPUBLICAN leadership was at fault, YET the DNC FAILED TO PROTECT THE DEMOCRATS in Florida who went to the polls and voted, with BOTH candidates on the ballot, and allowed the Republican leadership in Florida to hurt Democrats who voted in the primary there!

    Obama resigns from controversial church

  • Finally, if you think that strip clubs are a symptom of a cheapened view of sexuality, then why support the government in violating the property rights of strip club owners if these are just a natural effect of something else?

    Sound Politics: Why Is Seattle Such a Wuss About Strip Clubs?

  • And now we have video alleging to be US soldiers yet again violating the rules of war.



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