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  • adj. of something that is tinged with violet


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  • With the descent of darkness, the place came alive with the violet-tinged N-ray illumination from large glass globes.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • As he expected, Yum Yum sat in a compact bundle with legs tucked out of sight, a reproachful expression in her violet-tinged blue eyes.

    The Cat Who Moved A Mountain

  • A sing-song chant came wafting up the stairs for a moment, muffled and almost inhuman in its tone, and then a violet-tinged light filled the stairway, sharply delineating the steps with its odd luminescence.

    Night Arrant

  • Something drew across the violet-tinged stars a short bright line that quickly faded.

    The Creature from Cleveland Depths

  • Then all around and beyond the coloured fringe there is the light of the pearly inner corona; beyond that are pearly and violet-tinged rays curling away in both directions from the poles, whilst outside all are the long, pearly, and violet-tinted streamers which assume the shape of a large many-pointed star; and even these do not seem at rest.

    To Mars via The Moon An Astronomical Story

  • Wrapping round her the rich folds of her violet-tinged mantle, she leaves her couch before the break of day, and herself yokes her two horses, Lampetus and Phaethon, to her glorious chariot.

    Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome

  • Their bottling from the 10-acre Kivelstadt parcel on Bennett Valley Road mixes a subtle side - the violet-tinged nose of white pepper, deep blackberry and mace - with a big knot of tannin and deep plummy fruit.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • Reefs are home to parrotfish that pluck algae with curved beaks and violet-tinged lobsters that scavenge dead animals from the ocean floor.

    Penn State Live

  • "I'll go aid the halfiingr Just then a beam of violet-tinged light sprang past him.

    Night Arrant


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