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  • n. The condition or disease of having a virus in the bloodstream.

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  • n. the presence of a virus in the blood stream


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From Latin virus (“poison”), in conjunction with Ancient Greek αἷμα (“blood”).


  • However, “easier” drugs are in the pipeline and, theoretically, it might be possible to take triple combination therapies for 6 months to 3 years to reduce viraemia and then continue with a maintenance dose of only two drugs.

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  • Peer-reviewed research demonstrating the efficacy of these vaccines is expanding and clearly demonstrates that PCV2 vaccines, particularly if administered to piglets, are very efficacious reducing viraemia, viral load, mortality, lesions and improving growth rates.

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  • Vaccine, the immunity induced by a single dose of the vaccine resulted in reductions of viraemia, viral shedding and viral load in tissues in vaccinated pigs as compared to controls.

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  • The study also examined blood plasma levels of atazanavir, residual (low-level) viraemia, and drug resistance mutations.


  • The virus multiplies at the site of the bite and in regional lymph nodes before viraemia develops.

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  • The vaccines Zulvac 8 Ovis and Zolvac 8 Bovis, from Fort-Dodge Animal Health Ltd, are intended for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle respectively, to prevent viraemia (the presence of virus in the blood stream) caused by the Bluetongue virus serotype 8.

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  • However, reports of viraemia with seasonal influenza infection are rare. '

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  • At this time point a transient PCV2 viraemia was noted in the PCV2 infected groups.

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  • This was in contrast to observations in herpes zoster (HZ), where rash severity does not correlate with the extent of viraemia in acute HZ.

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  • Efficacy of Marek's disease vaccines: protection and viraemia studies with turkey herpes virus vaccines



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