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  • adj. Of or pertaining to viremia


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  • All the PBMC donors 'sera were studied for the presence of B19 virus IgG and IgM antibodies as described Cell cultures of day 10 were infected at 103 genome equivalents per cell with B19 virus from a high-titer viremic, B19-seronegative donor plasma

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  • T cells in viremic cats were more likely to produce cytokines in response to Gag stimulation, whereas aviremic cats T cells tended to produce cytokines in response to Env stimulation.

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  • Patients that present with acute dengue disease are viremic, but may not yet have developed detectable antibodies.

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  • Liberal Democrats and their viremic minions castigate minorities, not singularly because they are minorities, but because they are conservative minorities - albeit this essayist argued that both Estrada and Gonzales were stealth Souters.


  • The burden of infected mosquitoes would continue to increase into the summer months as each successive generation of mosquitoes fed upon viremic amplification hosts, followed by increased transovarial transmission of the virus to their progeny.

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  • All but one positive cluster (cluster number 6) had concordance of serotypes between the index case and viremic enrollees.

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  • Given the required intrinsic incubation period, and the finding that all eight virus isolates from mosquitoes matched the serotype recovered from the index case suggest, though not definitively, that except for children from whom virus was recovered on day 15, multiple viremic children within a cluster were infected by one or very few infected mosquitoes.

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  • On only one occasion, a viremic index case could not be subsequently confirmed as having an acute DENV infection by seroconversion and was reclassified as triggering a dengue-negative cluster.

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  • In addition, all patients who rolled over from Hepsera to Viread at week 48, regardless of whether they were well controlled on Hepsera or viremic, achieved viral load suppression below 400 copies / mL with Viread by week 96.

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