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  • adj. Befitting a virgin; coy, innocent, pure, etc.
  • adv. In a virgin manner; purely, innocently, untouchedly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pure; unspotted; chaste.
  • In a manner becoming a virgin; chastely; modestly.


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virgin +‎ -ly


  • Anon after her nativity, the Holy Ghost showed unto S. Germain of Auxerre how she should serve God holily and virginly, the which thing he told to many.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 3

  • Such a pupil hears your words, says "yes," even acts appropriately so far as your immediate instructions go; but when he comes to the same situation again, he is as virginly innocent of your lesson as if his teacher had never been born.

    The Story of the Mind

  • Carinthia, suddenly wedded, passionately grateful for humbleness exalted, virginly sensible of treasures of love to give, resembled the inanimate and most inspiring, was mindless and inexpressive, past memory, beyond the hopes, a thing of the thrilled blood and skylark air, since she laid her hand in this young man's.

    The Amazing Marriage — Volume 2

  • Julia, who accompanies her faithless lover in the disguise of a page, is, as it were, a light sketch of the tender female figures of a Viola and an Imogen, who, in the latter pieces of Shakspeare, leave their home in similar disguises on love adventures, and to whom a peculiar charm is communicated by the display of the most virginly modesty in their hazardous and problematical situation.

    Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature


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