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  • n. Plural form of viroid.


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  • The viroids are the fastest mutators ever found, mutating thousands of times faster than the previous record holders, they report in the 6 March issue of Science.

    *Science* Blog Portal

  • Resident Evil forgot all about the "raccoon city incident" in favor of a government conspiracy to suppress an outbreaking accidential contamination of flesh eating zombie viroids.

    Filmstalker: Video games and Hollywood: Who's adapting who?

  • Like the viroids, such as Kadang-Kadang, or sequences formed in a testtube that simulate cell cytoplasm?

    Open thread: questions and explanations - The Panda's Thumb

  • I've mentioned to examples before – viroids and TMV.

    A Minimal Genome

  • More connections to play with: think about how viroids replicate (specifically, what enzyme copies them, and how might it work), think about how this might be an analogy (or metaphor) for the world Ikehara hypothesizes, and think about the lessons viroids provide when it comes to understanding really stable RNAs.

    A Minimal Genome

  • This would put them more in the lines of prions or viroids, things I do not think anyone would consider “alive” certainly not prions, I have not heard as much about viroids since I do not think there are any known viroids that infect people.

    Evolution and the origins of HIV - The Panda's Thumb

  • I was thinking more about transposons, viroids, etc.

    World's Smallest Genome - The Panda's Thumb

  • "Remnant DNA traces from various species place the viroids along the eastern spiral arm for at least the last five millennia," he said at last.

    Time's Enemy

  • "When the Defiant was attacked on the other end of the timerift, it must have been by the viroids, not the Furies!"

    Time's Enemy

  • It worked its voracious way slowly through the ecosystem, down through the simple plants and fungi and even to the bacteria and viroids.



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