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  • Possessing poisonous properties; charged with virus.


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  • Aids is a very bad virous in the world. it can damage parts of our life. i may occure many reasone. but one thing is that if i, i am not carefull then AIDS increse day by day. i have to protect for myself, my family.

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  • FAQ: watch events on Help. com as they happen go to a specialist and ask him to clear your COMS so if this is because of a virous

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  • That because the flu vaccine you had back thenm took the dead virus and made your body react to it. thats how the body builds antibodies to the flu virous of the season.

  • "Due to my morbid curiosity I went to the most current study I could find, a CBS study just released that states that in all cases studied that the H1N1 flu virous (a study of four states) 81-93% of all samples were found to be negative to H1N1, in fact negitive to most influenza virus, this was report was confirmed by NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center)



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