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  • The dictionary states that one of the Irish words for virtue is feart, which can be traced back, via the Old Irish firt, to the Latin word virtus (virtue).

    Nancy's Baby Names

  • Virtues (the Latin word 'virtus', means 'moral excellence') concerns the kinds of ethics and morals an individual or community finds desirable and appropriate.

    Positive Psychology News Daily

  • Even the Roman word virtus, meaning “courage,” was rooted in the word for “man,” vir.

    Caesars’ Wives

  • In Quodlibet X of the Advent Session, 1286, Henry returns to the problem of the self-motion of the will, introducing the notion of virtus ad movendum, through which the spiritual faculties

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • "By means of a means (faculty)," namely the virtus dormitiva, replies the doctor in Moliere,

    Beyond Good and Evil

  • "In that age," says Plutarch in the life of Coriolanus, "martial prowess was more honored and prized in Rome than all the other virtues, insomuch that it was called virtus, the name of virtue itself, by applying the name of the kind to this particular species; so that virtue in Latin was as much as to say valor."

    democracy in America, volume 2

  • With them, "virtus" meant strength -- that only -- a battle term.

    A Hero and Some Other Folks

  • It will conduce little to the valour, "virtus," manhood of any Englishman to be informed by any poet, even in the most melodious verse, illustrated by the most startling and pan cosmic metaphors.

    Literary and General Lectures and Essays

  • I believe that "virtus" in Horace's time almost always referred to the courage of a "top gun" - courage of a major warrior - "hardened" he says "by fierce campaigns", invasions, surges.

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  • One of the legends that was most often told in ancient Rome was that of Attilio Regolo, a historical and a very experienced character, whose history is, as often happens, a mixture of real and mythological events, often artfully created to enhance the Roman "virtus" and courage, in order to encourage the Roman people in any way.

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