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  • adj. Like a virus; inclined to spread through infection.


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virus +‎ -like


  • By contrast, getting invited somewhere, willingly accepting the invitation, and joining a gathering makes you a guest and makes the whole experience, to my mind, not very viruslike.

    And Then There's Us - Anil Dash

  • And convention tells you what to be, because certain professions ease and trickle and embed themselves viruslike into the kids at school at certain times.

    The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

  • This production system churns out viruslike particles that mimic bird flu and trick the body into mounting a defense.

    Vical Takes New Tack

  • Isolated on its own in a petri dish, L1 has acrobatic talent, automatically assembling itself into what scientists call a "viruslike particle" that looks just like HPV, but has "none of the bad stuff inside," says Dr. Eliav Barr, head of the HPV-vaccine program at Merck.

    The War on HPV

  • Also, be sure to report any viruslike symptoms, including low-grade fever and fatigue, to your doctor before trying to conceive.

    Getting Pregnant

  • "A viruslike organism that has been lying dormant in the genomes of Earth creatures, including human beings."


  • "There does seem to be a certain viruslike behavior at work here," he admitted, "although not in the way you're thinking."

    Time's Enemy

  • Symptoms expressed by infected trees are viruslike, and Hutchins and

    Northern Nut Growers Association Incorporated 39th Annual Report at Norris, Tenn. September 13-15 1948

  • Then on the following page, Villareal says that "When virulent, [strong religious] beliefs are clearly viruslike and demand a societywide response, as does a virulent epidemic."

    American Scientist Online

  • The company's vaccine approach in both cases is to use viruslike particles (VLPs) containing surface proteins that make the VLPs resemble a virus, thereby eliciting the proper immune response-even though the VLPs lack the genes needed to replicate themselves.

    Scientific American


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