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  • n. The property of a material that is both viscous and elastic
  • n. The branch of rheology that studies such materials


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

visco- +‎ elasticity


  • There are materials that have some limited flow known as viscoelasticity.

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  • Materials with viscoelasticity may seem to flow slowly for a while but then stop.

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  • Computations reveal that viscoelasticity alone does not give rise to a small, satellite bead between two much larger main beads but that inertia is required for its formation.

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  • Its viscoelasticity makes gluten an important ingredient in the production of baked goods as well as an additive that is often used in the production of other food products.

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  • - The viscoelasticity of xanthan gum improves the binding of air within the dough, which gives the bread lift.

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  • This polysaccharide demonstrates high viscoelasticity and is very stable.

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  • The popular toy Silly Putty ™ is a classic example of complex viscoelasticity, bouncing better than a rubber ball under a sharp, sudden force but slumping into a puddle when left alone.

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  • They were gene products (proteins) but also networks of physical processes that shaped and patterned organisms using adhesion, polarization, viscoelasticity, etc.


  • DPMs consist of the gene products of what is known as the "developmental-genetic toolkit," but considered in subsets, as dynamical networks embodying physical processes characteristic of chemically and mechanically excitable meso - to macroscopic systems like cell aggregates: cohesion, viscoelasticity, diffusion, and spatio-temporal heterogeneity based on lateral inhibition, and multistable and oscillatory dynamics.


  • Material constants derived based on FE model take into account complicated material behaviors such as large strain and viscoelasticity, thus can more truly represent the mechanical properties of the cell than those derived based on analytical models (Baaijens et al, 2005).

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