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  • n. A form of phishing using a telephone call to the prospective victim.


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Blend of voice and phishing


  • The term vishing was coined from the word phishing.

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  • Although telephone (telemarketing) scams are nothing new, the term vishing probably came about because advances in telephone technology are being used to depart unsuspecting people of their hard-earned money.

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  • Crooks contact bank or credit union customers via live or automated phone calls (known as vishing attacks) or via text messages sent to cell phones (smishing attacks) that may warn of a security breach as a ruse to obtain PIN numbers and other account information they need to lift money from their accounts.

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  • According to North Platte Crime Prevention Officer Troy Erickson, this latest around of cyber attacks known as vishing is where callers spoof Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) and pose as legitimate organizations in an attempt to accomplish the same goals leaving potential victims vulnerable to identity theft and other types of fraud.

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  • Add "vishing" and "smishing" to the list of scams targeting today's high-tech society. - Home Page RSS

  • Phishing attacks have also evolved in an attempt to exploit users in different ways and through a broader variety of methods including offshoots known as "vishing", "smishing" and "spear phishing."

  • Because of this, threats such as DoS attacks on VoIP networks, directory harvesting, and "vishing" attacks are rapidly increasing in popularity.

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  • New twists on the phishing theme include "vishing"


  • In February, Trend Micro investigated a voice phishing (aka "vishing") attempt.

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  • Cassidy said he expects the FBI to be notified since "vishing" is a federal crime. - News :


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