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  • n. Attributive form of visible light


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  • The image was blurry—not the kind of clear view you get from a powerful visible-light telescope—but you could make out some of the contours of the planet.

    First Contact

  • The first visible-light video of Saturn's auroras was released by NASA's JPL.

    November 2009

  • While Kavehrad and Mathias credited LVX for being the first company in the United States to bring the technology to market, Kavehrad said it trails researchers and consumer electronics companies in Japan and Korea in developing products for visible-light networks.

    Ceiling Lights In Minnesota Send Coded Internet Data

  • He said the visible-light network grew out his interest in LEDs that goes to the mid-1990s.

    Ceiling Lights In Minnesota Send Coded Internet Data

  • For Cassini's visible-light cameras, the Nov. 21, 2009 flyby provided the last look at Enceladus' south polar surface before that region of the moon goes into 15 years of darkness, and includes the most detailed look yet at the jets.

    Cassini Finds "Heat" and More Geysers on Enceladus | Universe Today

  • A new map that combines heat data with visible-light images shows a 40-kilometer 25-mile segment of the longest tiger stripe, known as Baghdad Sulcus.

    Cassini Finds "Heat" and More Geysers on Enceladus | Universe Today

  • And regarding the single-planet system: University of California, Berkeley, astronomer Paul Kalas led the team of astronomers who took the visible-light snapshot of the single-planet system.

    November 2008

  • This time, they've captured images of four planets in two systems: there's a visible-light snapshot of a single-planet system, and an infrared picture of a triple-planet system.

    November 2008

  • Together with observations of the deep cloud structure by the 3-meter 10-foot NASA Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, the level of thermal detail observed from these giant observatories is comparable to visible-light images from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope for the first time.

    New Images Unlock Secrets of Jupiter's Red Spot | Universe Today

  • Researchers followed up and confirmed the discovery with the University of Hawaii's 2.2-meter 88-inch visible-light telescope near the summit of Mauna Kea.

    WISE Bags its First Near-Earth Asteroid | Universe Today


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