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  • adj. Without a visor.


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visor +‎ -less


  • He found quite a bit: a byrnie long enough to reach his knees; a conical crimson-plumed helmet, visorless but with a noseguard; a dagger; assorted belts and thongs; the quilted underpadding for armor.

    Three Hearts and Three Lions

  • He was well bronzed by the sun, and the heavy crop of hair, on which he wore a visorless round cap, was crisp and of a dull gold color.

    Janice Day at Poketown

  • The round, almost visorless cap, heavily and softly quilted in protection against the helmet of his armor.

    Galactic Patrol

  • Both the grenadiers and the infantry of the line marched and fought and slept in uniforms of heavy blue cloth piped with scarlet and small, round, visorless fatigue-caps which afforded no protection from either sun or rain.

    Fighting in Flanders

  • To all of these, abruptly and with ceremony, Mr. George Bross, shipping clerk, introduced himself: a brawny young man in shirt-sleeves, wearing a visorless cap of soiled linen, an apron of striped ticking, pencils behind both angular red ears, and a smudge of marking-ink together with a broad irritating smile upon a clownish countenance.

    The Day of Days An Extravaganza

  • A visorless black cap adorned his head, beneath which flowed his reverend white hair; rimless eye-glasses imparted to his unimpeachable respectability an eminently aristocratic air.

    The Desire of the Moth; and the Come On

  • Soldiers in canvas fatigue-dress, wearing soft, round, visorless caps, were removing the débris of the fatal barricade; soldiers with shovel and hoe filled in the trenches and raked the long, winding street clean of all litter; soldiers with trowel and mortar were perched on shot-torn houses, mending chimneys and slated roofs so that their officers might enjoy immunity from rain and wind and defective flues.

    The Maids of Paradise

  • A small, visorless cap of red velvet fitted snugly over the crown of her head.

    The Rose in the Ring

  • This personage pulled off a round, flat, visorless cap, and made a half military salute upon entering in obedience to the captain's summons.

    Ralph Granger's Fortunes

  • One of the boys clad in a great-coat and a visorless cap, heard her words and halted: "What are you scolding about?" he shouted to the old woman.

    What to Do?


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