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  • adj. That can be visualized.


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  • When x and y range over the field of reals, x²+y² = 1 describes the ordinary Euclidean circle in two dimensions, but when the variables range over the complex numbers this equation describes the complex counterpart of the circle, visualizable as a two-dimensional surface embedded in four real dimensions (regarding the complex plane as having two real dimensions).


  • Whereas Heisenberg eschewed the use of visualizable pictures, and accepted discontinuous transitions as a primitive notion,

    The Uncertainty Principle

  • In addition, mental models can represent abstract concepts that may not be visualizable, such as "justice" or "good."

    Archive 2004-12-01

  • Kreisel (1970, Section 3.5) provides another analysis by focusing on what is “visualizable.”

    Hilbert's Program

  • It took the form of an almost childish interest and delight in the total novelty of the new life, both in its abstract, scarcely visualizable goals and in its intimate details.

    And all the Stars a Stage

  • The three are (roughly speaking) visualizable as a set of concentric circles, with fascism in the middle, totalitarianism around it, a little ways out, and authoritarianism outside that, again a way further out. - most clicked links

  • I only used DNA as example to make it visualizable.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • Ramray Bhat: DPMs per se are not readily visualizable like, say, proteins or genes, which are particular kinds of molecules.


  • Having an easily visualizable problem, like absenteeism, is much more motivating than any apocalyptic vision of societal breakdown.

    AGORAVOX - The Citizen Media

  • I'm a huge, huge fan of projects that make digital logic visualizable - like the

    collision detection


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