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  • n. The L-enantiomer of ascorbic acid, a water-soluble nutrient essential for life, synthesized by most animals and plants but not humans, although used in our bodies for many purposes. It is plentiful in citrous fruits and many vegetables, and a deficiency causes scurvy.


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  • But then came Retin A, alpha hydroxy acids, and the first science showing that vitamin C could stimulate collagen production when applied topically.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • Hyper C Serum by Jason Natural Products available at most health food stores is an affordable, nearly natural, high-potency 10 percent vitamin C serum that made a big difference in my skin.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • In addition to its proven role in collagen formation, wound healing, and connective tissue functions, vitamin C, in combination with other antioxidants, has shown sun-protective effects in the skin. 300 mg of vitamin C per day has dramatically reduced the risk of cataracts. 800 mg per day extended lifespan more on that in a moment, and 1,500 mg per day allowed asthmatic women to exercise without their airways closing up.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • Raymond J. Brown at the Cambridge Institute, San Francisco, carried out an open trial of 15 alcoholics who were using SAAVE plus vitamin B-complex and vitamin C in an outpatient environment over a ten-week period, with a ten-month follow-up.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • My theory is that the baby sucks all the vitamin C and germ-fighting goodness out of your body.

    You’ll Lose the Baby Weight

  • Look for vitamin C accompanied by bioflavanoids, like quercetin.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • Camu Camu berry is considered a “whole food vitamin C” supplement, with the highest amount of vitamin C ever found in whole food.

    The Truth About Beauty


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