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  • v. Present participle of vitiate.


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  • Such interchanges and expressions as Anon 9.11 is describing could stimulate their creative output, rather than vitiating it.


  • The south is gregarious, the north is alone, and there is a misunderstanding that does not recognize this geography of the soul which lives like a mystery in the midst of society, vitiating, frustrating, and even dealing death.

    To the North, by Elizabeth Bowen « Unknowing

  • Maybe consciousness is the wrong word ... as from Aue, it looms more as an Uberweltenschauung vitiating his political beliefs, while at the same time, depriving him of the possibility of imagining anything else, confirming his fatalism and leaving him unable to respond, time after time, with anything but anger and aesthetic disgust to what he clearly recognizes as injustice,.


  • And a transplanted organ sometimes carries tiny tumors into the recipient, vitiating the benefits of receiving a life-saving liver or kidney from someone else.

    Contagious cancer « Isegoria

  • So he spends his time veering between feeling sorry for himself and working to help others, between doing good and giving his enemies fresh ammunition, between vindicating his legacy and vitiating it.

    Bill Clinton Helped Save 1.3 Million Lives, Now Move Along - Swampland -

  • Great writing allows us to share the physical and psychic intensity of the author, thereby vitiating our own woes.

    In the Fullness of Time

  • We are divided into two groups whose visions of America are fundamentally incompatible, vitiating the potential for compromise.

    The calm before the storms

  • Might it be possible to recognize the truth of our brokenness without vitiating the vital importance of self-love?

    John Thatamanil: The Religious Wisdom of Authentic Self-Love

  • But reading this morning's version of the story in The New York Times was instructive about how the tabloids 'own reporting ethos is sometimes self-vitiating.

    Wood War: Who Wins Today's Grabby Tabloid Battle For Your Eyeballs?

  • Monsters, for example, are "tacky," so in The Descent, they're subverted by ambiguity suggesting a psychological interpretation--thus vitiating the central horror and appeal of the movie.

    Archive 2009-02-01


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