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  • n. Plural form of vituperation.


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  • Again, may the best candidate, who comes out unscathed from the vitriolic and vehement vituperations, win.

    Kean comes to Christie's defense in New Jersey race

  • "The army and people of the DPRK Democratic People's Republic of Korea will never forgive those who let loose the thrice-cursed vituperations," the statement said.

    North Korea Scolds Japan, Hardening Stance Against Foes

  • Perhaps I speak only for myself, though I think not, but this endlessly tiresome and confusing, who gets to call whom, "anti-semitic" auto-vituperations orgy by Jews leaves me feeling both put out and upon.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • If these angry town hall disruptor/birther/swift boaters ever left the sanctity of their plasma screen TV's blaring Fox's vomitous vituperations, and dared venture across the pirate filled oceans or flew in certain-to-crash-or-be-hijacked planes to those lesser, cowardly, backward countries in Europe, Asia or Africa, maybe -- just maybe -- they would be beyond the range of the persistent signals sent to their pummeled brains and they would begin to experience true independent thought.

    Steven Weber: Mad Men

  • This summer, driving from Huntsville,AL to Birmingham, I was shocked to go through the dial, only to hear over and over the same vituperations against: "government controlled media "obviously a joke in the face of what I was hearing, the Obama administration trying to impose socialism, health reform a way of imposing government control, no choice etc., etc.

    Talk Radio: Do we need a new Fairness Doctrine?

  • Please keep your vituperations down, particularly when it involves things which sound paradoxical because you don't understand them.

    The Known Universe (Video) | Universe Today

  • Well the upshot is that the creepy little harridan feels quite proud of dragging her opponent's professional life into her vituperations.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Any initiative measure that sets you aflame in histrionic vituperations is a measure that has something going for it.

    Hey, California voters. Let's talk about how to vote on the 12 propositions you've got on the ballot.

  • The vituperations from the two ends of the spectrum tended to cancel each other out and encouraged the view among moderates in the United States that, if anything, the UN did not go far enough toward world government.

    The Great Experiment

  • Atta's rant was wild and sad -- yet it was matched by the vituperations of the virulently anti-American Egyptian press, which spun fantastic plots featuring Mossad agents as the villains.

    The Road To September 11


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