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  • adv. in a vituperative manner

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a vituperative manner; with vituperation; abusively.


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  • Furthermore, so many of the people that show up on television have so clearly not read the content of 3200 that it seems odd that they can protest it so vituperatively.

    Obama goes to health-care battlefront with N.H. town hall

  • In sum, the qualities of contemplation that the right-wing has contemptuously and vituperatively rejected -- introspection, self-awareness, a sense of one's own limitations and the necessary, corollary, empathy, a recogniton that you could imagine yourself in the shoes of those who are struggling are, according to Brooks, the very barriers to incivility that he so desperately wants to restore.

    Jonathan Weiler: David Brooks' Extraordinary Blindspot

  • Although he puts it more vituperatively than that.

    Other Reckonings - 17th May 2009

  • The hypocrisy is made all the more remarkable by the tortuous series of unnatural mental acts that the Anglican hierarchy goes through in order to see both sides of the case for performing unnatural homosexual physical acts, yet has no hesitation in being fiercely and vituperatively prejudiced when it comes to Israel.

    Anglican Israel bashing « Anglican Samizdat

  • The good people of ColorOfChange. org just emailed asking me to thank the candidates who did as I asked (in fact, as I intemperately, vituperatively demanded) and withdrew from the proposed FOX News-Congressional Black Caucus debate.

    Frank Dwyer: To the Heroes Who Said No to FOX: Uh...You're Welcome

  • Or, to put it less vituperatively: this report is about 20 years out of date, an focussing on the past, not the future.

    What exactly is so great about the north?

  • Indeed, without even a hint of embarrassment or self-consciousness, Moscow vituperatively denounced the British, French, and Israelis as “aggressors.”

    The Prize

  • Such developments would be profoundly significant, because they would help siphon off the support that some radical groups vituperatively opposed to the U.S. currently enjoy.

    A False Choice Between Human Rights and Security

  • During this important political conflict, Fortune attacked, sometimes vituperatively, the anti-Washingtonian radicals—including some, like Du Bois and Wells, whom he had mentored in the past and whose political views were, in fact, very close to his own.

    Black and White

  • I can recall the Conservative Party being vituperatively blamed for the Bulger killing by Tony Blair and to great effect , as emblematic of the moral bankruptcy soi disant of the Conservatives.

    An Example of Good Opposition


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