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  • n. Plural form of vivarium.


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  • Young ladies are assured that the only plant for their vivariums is a sprig of anacharis, for which they pay sixpence -- the market value being that of a wasp, flea, or other scourge of the human race; and when the vivarium fails, its contents, Anacharis and all, are tost into the nearest ditch; for which the said young lady ought to be fined five pounds; and would be, if Governments governed.

    Prose Idylls, New and Old

  • One of my dreams is to one day piece together a cabinet of curiosities, a room full of collected natural specimens, terrariums/aquariums/vivariums, relics of dubious historical significance, and other artifacts with the distinction of nothing more than exhibiting an allure of wonder.

    April « 2010 « Typefiend™

  • “I had been contemplating adding vivariums to some of the other chambers, to keep up with the demand, but I suppose I shall have to reconsider those plans in light of these unfortunate circumstances.”

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Shock Treatment

  • With Clark cracking his whip, various schools were endowed with Olympic-size swimming pools, planetariums, vivariums, greenhouses, a model United Nations wired for language translation, radio and television studios with an animation and editing lab, movie editing and screening rooms, a temperature-controlled art gallery, a dust-free diesel mechanics room and much more.

    From Topeka To Kansas City

  • His snakeskin boots strike you somehow as inappropriate footwear for a visit to a Reptile&Amphibian Fair-with each step, would not a wave of dread echo through the vivariums?

    Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

  • The women of this already have joined work forces in the coffee vivariums and in a large number of other tasks they can perform.


  • Medical schools kept more than 100,000 research animals in basement vivariums. Chronicle

  • All four walls of the young Ken Livingstone's bedroom were, he writes, "lined with three tiers of aquariums and vivariums". - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The snakes, which can grow to over one and a half metres in length, are not poisonous, make excellent pets and are often kept in vivariums in this country.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • Can i use expanding foam that you get from DIY stores to create my vivariums background?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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