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  • n. Plural form of volt.


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  • The loss in transmission is primarily measured in volts; and since the capacity of an electric current for work equals the _volts_ multiplied by _amperes_, which gives _watts_, every volt lost reduces the working capacity of the current by so much.

    Electricity for the farm Light, heat and power by inexpensive methods from the water wheel or farm engine

  • I'm utterly fascinated, and I wish such a place existed when I was a teen, because watching someone disassemble a pinball machine while someone else pumped Frankenstein volts through a Jacob's Ladder sure beats the hell out of hanging around in the parking lot of Mr Gatti's Pizza trying to get college kids to buy us beer.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Note that 125 volts is within the normal range for voltage in the USA, 130 volts is not. 127v plus 10% is 140 volts.

    CFE Voltage

  • Considering the fact that 127 volts is standard, a 10% variance means, as you said,114 to 140 volts. 140 volts is very high for a US product, and would fry many products made only for the US or Canadian market

    Electrical Supply Voltage - the CFE Responds!

  • In the tube, a beam of electrons, after having been accelerated to a maximum energy of up to 30,000 electron volts, is swept across a screen which emits light when hit by the electrons.

    Accelerators and Nobel Laureates

  • "Those motors traditionally have used what we call volts-per-hertz control that employs a basic configuration of MOS­FETs or IGBTs in an inverter circuit to control the stator-coil currents.

    Gadget Freak Files

  • A shocked Massey asks “what the hell is wrong with you?” and backs away, turning around as the officer had demanded, at which point the officer unleashes 50,000 volts from the Taser into Massey’s body, sending him screaming to the ground instantly and causing his wife to jump out of the car and yell hysterically for help.

    Man Tased For Asking Officer Why He Was Stopped | Disinformation

  • Still efforting more detail about exactly what happened, but apparently we are being told that the voltage dropped from 12,000 volts, which is normal, to about 9,000 volts.

    CNN Transcript Mar 26, 2008

  • “We tested his clothes with a static electricity field meter and measured a current of 40,000 volts, which is one step shy of spontaneous combustion, where his clothes would have self-ignited,” Barton said.

    Talk About Electric Personality | Impact Lab

  • The dynamo is a modern four-pole machine, compound-wound, with a rated output of 46 amperes, at 125 volts -- in other words a dynamo of 5.75 kilowatts capacity, or 7.7 electrical horsepower.

    Electricity for the farm Light, heat and power by inexpensive methods from the water wheel or farm engine


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