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  • adv. In a voluminous manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a voluminous manner; in large quantity; copiously; diffusely.


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voluminous +‎ -ly


  • Then Ginny would scrub her face, drink voluminously from the tap, and walk rapidly back to the easel.


  • We can change that Aristotle is famous for writing voluminously, which is a sloppy way of saying he's famous for having voluminous writings which are attributed to him.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • He has quite a large head, and the voluminously long curly wig only served to accentuate it, but I did not say so.

    Exit the Actress

  • Krueger is a highly respected labor economist who has written voluminously about the economic imperatives of the nation.

    Obama's New Economic Adviser Warned of 'Disturbing Problem'

  • He was probably the most voluminously documented and most self-critical writer who ever lived.

    The Searcher

  • In recent months, according to sources, Galliano had been in a depressive state, his drinking increased voluminously and his work habits became increasingly erratic.

    Fashion designer crackups raise question: Is industry's pace too relentless?

  • Some say that this literary derepression is my greatest curse as well as my greatest asset, in that I can write voluminously and very much more quickly than I can think.


  • The vile language ascribed to Watson was so voluminously and unspeakably vile, that he felt they were injuring their own case.

    The Benefit of the Doubt

  • As voluminously, extensively, repeatedly although not always by the "lamestream" corporate media documented in the 2006 campaign - and not just by Democrats either - the word is an extremely common racial slur in French North Africa, from where Allen's mother's side of the family hails.

    George Allen: "Macaca" Was a "Made Up Word"

  • In the process, both the Defense Department and the newspaper manage to ignore the voluminously documented ineffectiveness of bombing campaigns to achieve their ends, usually unifying people around existing leadership against an outside threat rather than "breaking their will."

    Robert Koehler: Insanity Dawn


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