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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of vom.


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  • I just vommed a little in my mouth at the thought of that.


  • I re-watched Hancock again the other day, I say re-watched, actually I watched it up until the 'reveal' then I nearly vommed during the ridiculous brother sister brawl.

    Peter Berg’s Battleship Set for July 2011 | /Film

  • Not only does Susan Sarandon have an Oscar, she knows how to be vommed on with grace.


  • These two are so infatuated that we just vommed up an Easter egg we haven't even eaten yet Fearne and Holly have got pretty tight girl skills, if nothing else - Home

  • I'm pretty sure that's why my internet connection went dead - someone at the NSA vommed thinking of Rudy's flaccid cock and caused the wiretap to go kablooey.


  • Come back when you have been run through by more squaddy c0ck than a Paderborn whore and can write about a memory such as licking your own batter of his c0ck right before he violated your tender young ringpiece whilst bridling you with a rifle sling and banged you so hard you vommed on his West Ham pillow (serves him f ucking right, football playing pansy, rugby thats a real man's game.)

    Army Rumour Service


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